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Socialist Blogs

Here are 40 Best Socialist Blogs you should follow in 2024

1. The Militant

The Militant The Militant has been 'a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people,' as its masthead says. It reflects the program, perspectives, and activities of the Socialist Workers Party in the United States. The Militant champions the battles of the labor movement and the right to organize and unite the working class.
Blog themilitant.com
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2. Socialist Worker

Socialist Worker The Socialist Worker is a publication by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), a revolutionary socialist organization active across Britain. The SWP engages in protests, movements, and strikes advocating for a bottom-up transformation of society, free from capitalist exploitation and oppression. The Socialist Worker reports on working-class struggles and provides Marxist analysis and commentary. The SWP also maintains a strong presence in student politics, trade unions, and various international campaigns, promoting socialism and fighting for social justice globally.
Blog socialistworker.co.uk
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3. International Viewpoint Magazine

International Viewpoint Magazine International Viewpoint is a monthly English-language magazine of the Fourth International, offering in-depth reports, analyses, and debates from a global socialist perspective. With correspondents in over 50 countries, it covers various popular struggles and left-wing movements worldwide. The magazine features articles from renowned contributors like Gilbert Achcar, Dan La Botz, and Hélène Marra. It serves as a crucial platform for discussing radical alternatives and shaping the future of the international left.
Blog internationalviewpoint.org
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4. Dissent Magazine

Dissent Magazine Founded in 1954 by Irving Howe and Lewis Coser, Dissent Magazine is a cornerstone of democratic left thought in America. Known for its rigorous intellectual discourse, the magazine publishes thrice yearly and has featured contributions from notable figures like Hannah Arendt and Roxane Gay. A 501(c)3 non-profit, Dissent is committed to nurturing the next generation of political and cultural critics. Supported by foundations like the Open Society Foundations, it remains an essential voice in addressing contemporary social and political issues.
Blog dissentmagazine.org
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5. Socialist Alternative

Socialist Alternative Socialist Alternative is a magazine and organization dedicated to advocating for socialist policies and building a movement to challenge capitalism. It focuses on issues such as labor rights, racial and gender equality, and environmental sustainability, promoting the formation of a new political party for working people. The magazine addresses the failures of the current political system and calls for radical changes, including public ownership of major corporations and universal healthcare. Socialist Alternative actively engages in grassroots activism and seeks to unite workers, youth, and activists from various social movements to create a just and equitable society.
Blog socialistalternative.org
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6. Socialist Party

Socialist Party The Socialist Party has a long and proud record of struggling to defend working-class people. We are involved in many campaigns throughout England and Wales and support many others internationally.
Blog socialistparty.org.uk
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7. Monthly Review

Monthly Review Monthly Review is an independent socialist magazine founded in 1949, committed to a critical and spirited analysis of political economy, imperialism, and social movements. It addresses issues like capitalism, inequality, and global struggles through a Marxist lens. Key topics include economic theory, environmental sustainability, and social justice. The editorial team, led by John Bellamy Foster, continues the legacy of founders Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman. Renowned for its in-depth critiques and historical perspective, Monthly Review remains a vital platform for radical thought and progressive activism.
Blog monthlyreview.org
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8. Socialist Project

Socialist Project The SP is a democratic, pluralistic, eco-socialist organization based in Toronto. We oppose capitalism out of necessity and support the resistance of others out of solidarity.
Blog socialistproject.ca
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9. Religious Socialism

Religious Socialism If you've wondered what religion and socialism have to do with each other, we hope this site will be useful to you. It is dedicated to people of faith and socialism. The original Religious Socialism was founded by John Cort, a long-time Christian Socialist writer, and activist as well as co-chair of the Religion and Socialism Commission of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
Blog religioussocialism.org
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10. Left Voice

Left Voice Left Voice is a revolutionary socialist news site and magazine dedicated to fostering a sustained and strategic struggle against every form of capitalist exploitation and oppression. As part of an international network of news sites published in eight different languages, Left Voice is able to provide a truly internationalist perspective on revolutionary politics and examine the movements of the U.S. working class within the larger framework of global revolution.
Blog leftvoice.org
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11. Climate & Capitalism

Climate & Capitalism Climate & Capitalism is an ecosocialist journal, reflecting the viewpoint of ecological Marxism. It aims to promote, develop and extend ecological Marxism; to inform, educate and develop ecosocialist movements; to help build movements and campaigns against capitalist destruction of the environment; to encourage and facilitate collaboration and exchanges of views among socialists and ecology activists.
Blog climateandcapitalism.com
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12. Socialist.ca

Socialist.ca The world cries out for change - radical change. The International Socialists reject the world of oppression, war, misery, exploitation, and environmental destruction that capitalism has created. As socialists, we are part of these day-to-day struggles, but we also bring a vision of what socialism could be, and the steps to achieve this radically different society.
Blog socialist.ca+ Follow
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13. Freedom Socialist Party

Freedom Socialist Party The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) is a revolutionary socialist feminist organization committed to the abolition of capitalist exploitation and oppression. Founded in 1966 in Seattle, FSP champions a range of issues including racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and working-class empowerment. The party engages in labor unions, social movements, and electoral politics to advance its goals. Emphasizing internationalism and unity across borders, FSP maintains branches in the U.S. and Australia, working globally with like-minded organizations. Their efforts include activism, education, and coalition-building to promote systemic change.
Blog socialism.com
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14. Socialist Revolution

Socialist Revolution The International Marxist Tendency is a growing organization of workers and youth, with sections around the world, and branches across the US - with many more to come. We fight for the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of a workers' government in the United States and across the world, which will require the revolutionary transformation of society.
Blog socialistrevolution.org
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15. VGP News

VGP News VGP News is the online newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Blog en.baochinhphu.vn
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16. Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists of America Capitalism is a system designed by the owning class to exploit the rest of us for their own profit. We must replace it with democratic socialism, a system where ordinary people have a real voice in our workplaces, neighborhoods, and society. We believe there are many avenues that feed into the democratic road to socialism. Our vision pushes further than historic social democracy and leaves behind authoritarian visions of socialism in the dustbin of history.
Blog dsausa.org/news
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17. Jacobin

Jacobin Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, providing socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. Established to offer penetrating and lively discussions. The editorial team includes Bhaskar Sunkara as Editorial Director, Micah Uetricht as Editor, and Lauren Traugott-Campbell as Design Director. Known for its thought-provoking and rigorous content, Jacobin has received praise from notable figures like Noam Chomsky and Chris Hayes.
Blog jacobin.com
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18. Anticapitalist Resistance

Anticapitalist Resistance Anti-Capitalist Resistance is a new revolutionary Marxist organization in England & Wales. Anti-Capitalist Resistance calls itself ecosocialist because the ecological crisis is so profound that it redefines the socialist project. We are engaged not just in a struggle to end capitalism and for a socialist society, but also to have a viable planet.
Blog anticapitalistresistance.org
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19. Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance Socialist Alliance stands for socialism - a democratic society run by and for working people, not the greedy, destructive capitalist elite that now rules. We put people and the planet before profit, the millions before the billionaires. We believe that a society based on this principle is entirely realistic, and necessary if humanity and the planet are to survive.
Blog socialist-alliance.org
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20. Socialist Standard Past & Present

Socialist Standard Past & Present Socialist Standard Past & Present shares articles on everything on the present and history of socialism.
Blog socialiststandardmyspace.blogspot.com
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21. Tempest

Tempest Tempest Magazine is a platform dedicated to fostering revolutionary socialist dialogue and action. Managed by the Tempest Collective, it aims to unify the Left through discussions, debates, and strategic guidance rooted in working-class politics. The magazine emphasizes activism across various movements, including labor, climate justice, and gender liberation, striving for international solidarity and a vision beyond capitalism. Tempest features contributions from diverse voices, promoting genuine engagement and debate to strengthen the socialist movement. The collective also organizes national and local events to further its educational and organizing goals.
Blog tempestmag.org
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22. Stopping Socialism

Stopping Socialism StoppingSocialism.com is owned by Justin Haskins, the editor-in-chief of the site. It's supported by the Socialism Research Center at The Heartland Institute, a national nonprofit think tank. The Heartland Institute is one of the world's leading free-market think tanks. It is a national nonprofit research and education organization based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Its mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.
Blog stoppingsocialism.com
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23. London Socialist Historians Group

London Socialist Historians Group The official blog of the London Socialist Historians Group. Read articles, news, and more about LSHG all in one place.
Blog londonsocialisthistorians.blogspot.com
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24. World Socialist Web Site

World Socialist Web Site The WSWS aims to meet the need, felt wide today, for an intelligent appraisal of the problems of contemporary society. Our website provides a source of political perspective to those troubled by the monstrous level of social inequality, which has produced an ever-widening chasm between the wealthy few and the mass of the world's people.
Blog wsws.org
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25. Jeff Noonan

Jeff Noonan I am a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I have taught in Windsor since 1998. My interests in philosophy range more broadly than my professional academic work. Part of the reason why I began this site was to experiment with shorter, topical essays as means of philosophically intervening in debates and key issues of the day.
Blog jeffnoonan.org
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26. Cosmonaut

Cosmonaut Cosmonaut is a Marxist magazine for revolutionary strategy, historical analyses, and modern critiques. We aim to be a platform of debate and polemic in order to contribute to the formulation of a Marxism for the 21st century. Make socialism scientific again!
Blog cosmonautmag.com
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27. Socialist Majority

Socialist Majority In the last eight years, we have seen a resurgence of energy and organizing on the left. From struggles against the many injustices we suffer from in our particular lives, we are weaving a vision for the just economic and political system that we all deserve.
Blog socialistmajority.com
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28. Socialist Party USA

Socialist Party USA The Socialist Party USA strives to establish a radical democracy that places people's lives under their own control -- a classless, feminist, socialist society free of racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia, in which people cooperate at work, at home, and in the community.
Blog socialistpartyusa.net
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29. Friends of Socialist China

Friends of Socialist China Friends of Socialist China is a platform based on supporting the People's Republic of China and promoting an understanding of Chinese socialism.
Blog socialistchina.org
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30. Socialist Students

Socialist Students Socialist Students organize in universities, colleges, and schools all over the UK. We have groups on over 40 campuses that meet regularly to discuss and debate the politics of changing the world. But Socialist Students does more than just discuss. We are active in the struggle to change things. We organize and mobilize students to defend education, fight war and racism, and campaign on a wide range of other issues relevant to our members.
Blog socialiststudents.org.uk
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Nick Serpe Senior Editordissentmagazine.org@sicknerpe874https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-serpe-6605a71b
Sarah Jaffe Contributordissentmagazine.org@sarahljaffe75.9Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahjaffe
Ruqaiyah Zarook Contributordissentmagazine.org@rukizarook184
Mike Beggs Editorjacobin.com@mikejbeggs
Michelle Chen Contributing Editordissentmagazine.org@meeshellchen6K
Kate Aronoff Contributordissentmagazine.org@katearonoff90.4Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-aronoff-b85225206
Sam Adler-Bell Authordissentmagazine.org@samadlerbell44.4Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-adler-bell-02295146
Matthew Sitman Writer And Podcasterdissentmagazine.org@matthewsitman29.6Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-sitman-91652635
Mark Engler Writerdissentmagazine.org@markjengler
Michael Kazin Authordissentmagazine.org@mkazin4.6Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-kazin-359b183
Alyssa Battistoni Authordissentmagazine.org@alybatt13.3K
Timothy Shenk Authordissentmagazine.org@tim_shenk3.8K
Jesse Williams Authordissentmagazine.org@jessiewill52.1Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jessie-williams-6a485473
Siddhartha Deb Contributordissentmagazine.org@debhartha
Elena Veduta Authormonthlyreview.org
Jane Hu Contributordissentmagazine.org@hujane10.5K
Edda Nicolson Authorjacobin.com@edda_nicolson1.9Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-edda-nicolson-252793215
Andy Merrifield Contributormonthlyreview.org
Ian Angus Contributormonthlyreview.org
Katha Pollitt Contributordissentmagazine.org@kathapollitthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/katha-pollitt-b427b3158
William Kornblum Contributordissentmagazine.orghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/william-kornblum-41244a53
B. Skanthakumar Writerinternationalviewpoint.org@skanthakumar_b
Taras Bilous Writerinternationalviewpoint.org@ahatanhel10.5K
Daniel Libreros Writerinternationalviewpoint.org@dani_libre567
Timothy Shenk Co-Editordissentmagazine.org/blog@tim_shenk2.9K
Natasha Lewis Co-Editordissentmagazine.org/blog@tashmlewis1.1K
Katie J. Wells Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@katiejwells2.4K
Patrick Iber Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@patrickiber13.5K
Victoria Baena Authordissentmagazine.org/bloghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-baena/
Justin H. Vassallo Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@jhv851.4Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-vassallo-9163a5152/
Angus Burgin Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@angusburgin701
Bertrand Cooper Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@_blacktrash5.1K
Sam Adler-Bell Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@samadlerbell43.9K
Matthew Sitman Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@matthewsitman29.6Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-sitman-91652635/
Nick Serpe Authordissentmagazine.org/blog@sicknerpe874https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-serpe-6605a71b/
Scott Jones Editorial Teamsocialistparty.org.uk@scottfrankjones564
Vijay Prashad Editor & Journalistsocialistproject.ca@vijayprashad115.6K
Amadeus Narbutt Hostsocialistproject.ca@amadeus_mp61
Elliot Ratzman Editorreligioussocialism.org/blog@elratzman341
Andrew Wilkes Editorreligioussocialism.org/blog@andrewjwilkes1.9K
Alex Caring-Lobel Writerreligioussocialism.org/blog@helloalexcl375
Cornel West Writerreligioussocialism.org/blog@cornelwest1.1M
Ezra Brain Editorleftvoice.org@ezrabrain474
Mike Pappas Writerleftvoice.org@drm_pappas528
Luigi W Morris Writerleftvoice.org@luigiwmorris728
Ian Angus Editorclimateandcapitalism.com@ecosocialism13.6K
Remeike Forbes Publisherjacobin.com@remeike1.2K
Bhaskar Sunkara Editorial Directorjacobin.com@sunraysunray90.8K
Micah Uetricht Editorjacobin.com@micahuetricht36.7K
Justin Haskins Editor-in-chiefstoppingsocialism.com@justinthaskins57.7K
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